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  • industrial computer/server chassis


  • Product model:   B4U1506


  • Product specification:   W400mm×L315mm×H176mm


  • Product brand:   Loogserver


  • Scope of use:   industrial computer/server chassis


  • support hotline:0769-33253119
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  • Product Details

Chassis model: B4u1506
Case size: 320.4 d * 409.4 w * 184.9mm H
Case color: black sand painting
Material: SGCC high-quality 1.2mm galvanized steel forming, keyboard aluminum drawing and oxidation combination
Mainboard bit: support ATX, m-atx, itx mainboard, and mainboard within 305 * 245mm
Hard disk bit: support 1 3.5 hard disk and 2 2.5 hard disks
Fan position: two 6025 fans behind
Power bit: support 1U power supply
Expansion slot: 7 full height expansion slots
Switch settings: power switch, restart switch, power indicator
Display: 15.6 ", 1080p, standard VGA cable, optional HDMI
Input device: 88 key ultra thin keyboard, separate touchpad
Net weight: 8.5Kg
Gross weight: 10.5kg
Package size: length 51.5 * width 43 * height 30cm




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