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4U Integrated Machine Workstation with Screen Keyboard

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The workstation, which integrates host computer, display screen and keyboard, is widely used in intelligent system, intelligent communication, monitoring and monitoring, image and audio data analysis and acquisition, industrial automation, radio and television, education and other fields. This easy-to-carry integration of server chassis is recognized by the vast majority of application enterprises.
Jiuyin industrial control M4U450 integrates 8.9 inch LED LCD and drawer keyboard. It uses ATX board, ATX power supply, 1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate, black anodized aluminum panel. The appearance of the machine is very high-grade, stable and atmospheric.
4U Industrial Integration Workstation Server Box with LCD Screen Keyboard
M4U450 is a 19-inch standard on-shelf fuselage intelligent integrated workstation 4U server chassis, 450MM, front panel CD-ROM driver, on/off key, restart key, hard disk indicator, power indicator, dual USB2.0 interface, to prevent unized illegal access, effectively protect the security of host operation.
And the front panel also has 8.9 inch LED LCD display, 16:10 wide screen design, maximum support 1024*600 resolution; and equipped with 1U integrated drawer touch industrial keyboard, 87 key design, with touch panel mouse, convenient for visual operation of the host.
The appearance of the chassis can be varied, and the internal structure of the chassis is the key to the chassis to show itself. The interior structure of the M4U450 chassis is as concise and low-key as its appearance.
The warehousing design of power supply, motherboard and hard disk location not only improves the simplicity of structure, but also improves the convenience of installation and wiring. The standard installation of two 80MM fans and the forward and backward air ducts can effectively dissipate heat. The rear window 6XPCI-E expansion slot and a CMO interface design make the expansion performance of the chassis stronger.
As a well-known domestic industrial control case, server case manufacturing and technology leader, Jiubin Industrial Control has always followed the design concept of excellent quality, meticulous, pursuit of excellence, value-added performance, and perfectly combined with the development and manufacture of each industrial control case. With the continuous efforts, technical accumulation and close cooperation of all colleagues, our R&D team has developed a number of products with independent patents, and has also become a partner of many companies.4U Integrated Machine Workstation with Screen Keyboard
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